Our Deuterium range
Comprehensive product list

Deuterated benzene, a stable isotopologue. Used in NMR spectroscopy for research, providing enhanced resolution and sensitivity for hydrogen-containing molecules.

Deuterated iodomethane, used in NMR spectroscopy to improve sensitivity and resolution, aiding research in organic chemistry and reaction mechanisms.

Deuterated bromobenzene, employed in NMR spectroscopy for enhanced sensitivity, delivering valuable insights into molecular structures and chemical interactions.

A deuterated iodobenzene variant, with distinctive isotopic composition, essential for diverse chemical studies and synthetic applications.

A deuterated phenylboronic acid with remarkable isotopic labeling, indispensable for cutting-edge research and organic synthesis.

Deuterated benzoic acid featuring unique isotopic labeling, crucial for advanced research and analytical applications in chemistry.

Deuterated methylamine hydrochloride, a valuable isotopic-labeled compound for research and pharmaceutical applications in the chemical industry.

Deuterated tert-butanol with distinct isotopic composition, vital in research and synthetic chemistry for specialized applications.

Deuterated bromocyclopentane, a valuable isotopic-labeled compound used in advanced chemical research and synthesis applications.

Deuterated anthracene, with unique isotopic labeling, essential for fluorescence studies, organic electronics, and advanced chemical research.

Deuterated carbazole, crucial for organic electronics, optoelectronics, and advanced research in photochemistry and materials science.